Ambulatory Calls

Preventative care and many routine health problems can be addressed at your own farm. Rainland Farm Equine Clinic has fully stocked ambulatory trucks that enable our veterinarians to bring excellent care to you and your horse. All of our veterinarians travel with a wide range of medications and equipment to treat conditions from lameness to colic. In addition all of our trucks contain a high quality ultrasound machine and a direct radiology system, which enables radiographs (x-rays) to be obtained and evaluated at your farm. When you call to make an appointment, our friendly office staff will collect information about your horse and his or her medical history as well as directions to your farm or horse facility.

Clinic Visits

If your horse has a more complicated medical problem, needs an advanced diagnostic evaluation, or requires surgery, then we will arrange for your horse to be evaluated at our clinical facility. At Rainland Farm Equine Clinic, we have a state of the art equine hospital facility and an expert team of veterinary professionals to provide the best possible care for your horse. Our clinic has a dedicated surgery suite and padded recovery stall. Dr. Fleck, Dr. Renner and Dr. Lewis have extensive surgical experience and training and perform a full range of surgeries. We have four hospitalization stalls that enable us to provide high quality medical care for cases that require more intensive care. We also have facilities for complicated lameness evaluations and advanced diagnostic equipment including nuclear scintigraphy, endoscopy, digital radiology, and high quality ultrasound machines. When arriving for your appointment at the clinic, follow the signs to the office to check in and determine where to unload your horse. For some procedures we can also do after hours drop-offs at a time that works best for your schedule. Please contact the office to schedule an appointment.