General Surgery

Rainland Farm Equine Clinic is a fully equipped surgical facility with a dedicated surgery room, gas anesthesia, and padded stall for recovery from anesthesia. Surgical services include arthroscopy, general orthopedics, soft tissue surgery, dental surgery and a full range of routine and emergency procedures. The doctors and staff all have extensive surgical experience and training.


Anesthesia is achieved with inhaled gases and controlled positive ventilation with heart rate, blood pressure, temperature and oxygen levels monitored to ensure patient safety. The surgery suite includes a separate padded induction and recovery room. Fractures, colic, breeding/foaling problems and respiratory issues frequently require surgical intervention and are routinely addressed by our doctors and staff.


Arthroscopy involves the use of a small camera that is inserted into the joint through a one centimeter incision. This surgical technique enables Rainland Farm’s surgeons to perform minimally invasive joint surgery, thus limiting post-operative complications. Arthroscopy is used to remove OCD fragments and small chip fractures from equine joints. It is also used in horses with a wound that enters a joint or an infected joint to remove foreign material such as wood fragments and to thoroughly flush the joint to control infection. In addition to the standard size arthroscope we also have a needle arthroscope to allow evaluation of very small structures such as the navicular bursa.

Laser (CO2 and Diode)

Carbon dioxide and diode lasers are used for a variety of therapeutic purposes, including to speed the healing of tendon, ligament, fracture and muscle injuries, and to relieve painful conditions and inflammation. The laser also effectively addresses skin tumors and assorted wounds, and tissue granulation.

Cryotherapy uses liquid nitrogen to freeze and destroy sarcoids, which are common, usually benign, skin tumors.

Electrochemotherapy…..A new treatment for tumors at Rainland Farm!

For years, Rainland Farm Equine Clinic has had various treatment methods for tumors including sarcoids, melanomas, squamous cell carcinomas, etc. Treatments have included:

  • CO2 Laser
  • Diode Laser
  • Cryotherapy – Probe and Spray
  • Cisplatin
  • Xterra

Rainland Farm is excited to announce that we have recently added Electrochemotherapy to our treatment options. This form of cancer therapy was developed in France and has gained rapid acceptance in treating sarcoids and squamous cell carcinoma especially. It is incorporated with laser surgical debunking and does require general anesthesia. Multiple treatments may be required although there has been a high success rate with even a single treatment.

If you have questions or any concerns about possible tumors with your horse, please call the office and we will be happy to answer any questions.