Emergency Care

Rainland Farm Equine Clinic veterinarians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide emergency care for your horse. The majority of emergencies can be treated at your own farm or facility. More complicated cases may require transport to our clinic for hospitalization or even surgery. Dr. Fleck, Dr. Renner and Dr. Lewis all have extensive experience in managing critical emergency cases. Common conditions that require emergency care include colic, choke, respiratory difficulty, foaling difficulty, lacerations, eye trauma, and infectious diseases.


Rainland Farm Equine Clinic has facilities for hospitalization and 24 hour care of your horse. We have four hospital stalls and the ability to run intravenous fluids and provide around the clock monitoring of our sick patients. We have a full service in-house laboratory to assist in diagnosis and to enable careful monitoring of critical patients. Reasons your horse may require hospitalization include colic, advanced wound care, treatment of severe corneal ulcers, post-operative care of critical patients, and for advanced reproductive services. Our experienced doctors and veterinary support staff are very attentive to the individual needs of your horse and strive to provide the best quality care for your horse.

Laboratory Services

Our in-house laboratory rivals a human hospital in its capabilities. Blood counts looking for infections, chemistries examining internal organ functions, electrolyte values, cultures of body fluids, semen evaluations (counts, morphology, viability, culture) are some of what can be done quickly and correctly.