We are very pleased to announce that dynamic endoscopy is now available at Rainland Farm Equine Clinic. The new endoscopy unit by Tele-View is easy to fit the horse, provides a stable high-quality image and allows the examination to be performed under natural training conditions.

Due to the dynamic nature of the upper airway of the horse, examination during exercise has been the gold standard of airway evaluations. This has been limited to high-speed treadmill examinations for many years and often suboptimal in simulating head carriage and collection induced airway obstructions in the sport horse.

Dynamic endoscopy allows horses to perform working speeds without altering performance, allowing high-speed evaluation on the farm at the speed and distance the horse normally performs. Safety and reliability of dynamic endoscopy in racing thoroughbreds and harness horses were first reported by Desmaizieres LM et. al. in 2009. Since this study, dynamic endoscopy has also been shown to be safe and reliable in sport horses and pleasure horses as well.

The endoscope attaches a bridle with the recording box allowing the horse to work with its own tack in place.
Upper airway abnormalities that can be diagnosed more accurately with greater sensitivity using dynamic endoscopy are listed below:
Vocal cord collapse Rostral displacement Epiglottic entrapment Dorsal displacement of the soft palate Recurrent laryngeal neuropathy Tracheal collapse.

The examination starts by placing the endoscope with the horse standing allowing the standard static examination to be performed first, so detection of the below abnormalities is also achieved, thus offering an all-inclusive examination.

Nasal passage mass Sub epiglottic or palatal mass (granuloma, neoplasm, cyst) Epiglottic hypoplasia, flaccidity, deformity Lymphoid hyperplasia Epiglottic entrapment Arytenoid chondropathy EIPH (Exercised Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage).

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