Veterinary acupuncture has become increasingly popular as people seek out therapies for their horses that are also working for them. As forward-thinkers, we recognize the importance of integrating safe complementary treatments within the boundaries of their science-based viability. Acupuncture when used appropriately has shown to be just that.

Acupuncture can be explained in two ways, the traditional explanation and the science-based explanation. The traditional explanation of acupuncture describes the techniques’ effectiveness as the ability to normalize the flow of “qi” or energy through the body. The more science-based explanation is that the application of acupuncture needles to specific points on the body stimulates various sensory receptors, which in turn transmit impulses to the central nervous system. The body then releases neurotransmitters and pain killing hormones that act both locally and centrally. The result is a decrease in pain, improved blood flow for healing, and myofascial release (release of tension in the muscle and fascia).

The science based approach to this alternative form of medicine is where we have found success as a compliment to Western based medicine for the treatment of chronic lameness, particularly with back and neck problems. We have even seen positive effects in the management of neurologic conditions and colic. We believe our patients deserve safe and effective medical care and encourage you to explore this therapy with us. If you are interested in trying acupuncture on your horse or have any further questions, please call the office.