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Focused Shockwave

Treatment is done on an outpatient basis at the clinic. The horse requires only mild sedation so it remains standing during the procedure. Treatments usually take 30-45 minutes. We use a [girl with horse] direction head shockwave system from High Medical Technologies (HMT, a leader in the field) that generates pressure waves. The non-invasive shockwaves stimulate immune-competent cells and trigger the body’s natural repair mechanisms, promoting healing and pain relief without side effects.

Shockwave therapy is recommended for a variety of conditions. Fractures, stressfractures, joint diseases, navicular syndrome, sore back and kissing spine disease are some of the conditions successfully treated.

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Ultrasound waves stimulate cells and induce them to repair damaged tissue. Strength and duration of the waves are adjusted to optimize a healthy healing response. Ultrasound therapy is effective for soft tissue and superficial bone injuries, less so for deeper bone injuries because the waves do not well penetrate dense bone. Therapeutic ultrasound stimulates tissue more than therapeutic lasers or diagnostic ultrasound, but less than shock wave therapy.

Stemcell / Bone Marrow Origin

Ligament and tendon injuries are common in athletic horses, and are often slow to heal with a high recurrence rate. Stem cell therapy can be of help. The technique is the same as that used by orthopedic surgeons in human medicine, for example to treat torn Achilles heels or other ligament tears. Stem cell therapy is one of several important and promising medical advances of recent years. Bone marrow is taken from the equine patient, and then the regenerative tissue-healing substances, such as stem cells and growth factors, are injected into the troubled area. The procedure requires a general anesthetic. The bone marrow is typically removed from the horse’s sternum, with the needle guided by ultrasound.

PRP/ACP for Orthopedic Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma is a growing field of interest for orthopedic conditions, including for example to improve knee arthritis or tendonitis. The process involves drawing blood and concentrating elements using acentrifuge. The natural healing benefits of plasma include the effect of platelets, which release growth and other substances that induce healing. PRP is sometimes known as Autologous Conditioned Plasma (ACP).

Cryotherapy uses liquid nitrogen to freeze and destroy sarcoids, which are common, usually benign, skin tumors.

Laser (CO2 and Diode)

Carbon dioxide and diode lasers are used for a variety of therapeutic purposes, including to speed the healing of tendon, ligament, fracture and muscle injuries, and to relieve painful conditions and inflammation. The laser also effectively addresses skin tumors and assorted wounds, and tissue granulation.

Electrochemotherapy…..A new treatment for tumors at Rainland Farm!

For years, Rainland Farm Equine Clinic has had various treatment methods for tumors including sarcoids, melanomas, squamous cell carcinomas, etc. Treatments have included:

  • CO2 Laser
  • Diode Laser
  • Cryotherapy - Probe and Spray
  • Cisplatin
  • Xterra

Rainland Farm is excited to announce that we have recently added Electrochemotherapy to our treatment options. This form of cancer therapy was developed in France and has gained rapid acceptance in treating sarcoids and squamous cell carcinoma especially. It is incorporated with laser surgical debunking and does require general anesthesia. Multiple treatments may be required although there has been a high success rate with even a single treatment.

If you have questions or any concerns about possible tumors with your horse, please call the office and we will be happy to answer any questions.

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